Biobank consultation is available upon request

Biobanks are lean organizations with little if any spare time and any change being considered must be done in a way that minimizes its impact on the day to day operation. Our consultation service is designed to identify the best way to implement dry ambient storage technology into the biobank’s operation while ensuring a minimum impact on process, personnel and expenses. The consultation service is free of charge and is provided according to the biobank’s schedule.

Consultation starts with a three-page questionnaire answered in writing or through a one-on one conversation to understand the present operations and processes of the biobank/biorepository.If the initial questionnaire was in writing a follow-up conversation or teleconference is arranged to further discuss and understand the detailed operation of the lab.

A written report is then prepared by GenTegra summarizing the biobanks operation and reviewed by the biobank staff. Once the report is approved, with or without edits a final report issued.

With the final report approved a proposal is generated outlining effective and efficient methods for beginning the implementation and adoption of ambient temperature storage and the use of Active chemical technology in the biobank. Key areas of concern in the proposal are minimizing the impact on the biobank as the new Active chemical technology is adopted. The concerns are to minimize impacts to the operations and to minimize the costs of adopting Active chemical technology.

Contact GenTegra at if you are interested in a consultation.

To begin the process please use the questionnaire here.