GenTegra Launches new Ahlstrom GenSaver 2.0 Forensic Card

Forensic customers were asking for a GenSaver card that provided a stronger antimicrobial property to better ensure the long-term satiability of their DBS samples. This desire and request is the basis of the GenSaver 2.0 card which is the GenSaver 1.0 card with the addition of a specific antimicrobial to the GenTegra-DNA chemistry on the GenSaver card. Long term testing has been underway for some time now to provide accelerated data to confirm GenSaver 2.0’s high quality protection of the DNA for >20 years with the addition of added strong antimicrobial capability. Data at every stage shows the same high level of DNA protection with the added protection of a strong antimicrobial for additional long term protect while in storage. The cards still require storage in a controlled humidity and the added antimicrobial acts as insurance against microbial contamination.

GenSaver 2.0 DNA cards are specifically enhanced to fit the needs of the forensic market. The added antimicrobial provides additional protection for the often-contaminated samples obtained in a forensic collection. The addition of the antimicrobial makes the GenSaver 2.0 the preferred choice when concerned about possible microbial contamination of a DNA sample. And the presence of the GenTegraDNA ACP™ provides the same high level of protection for the DNA.

The GenSaver 2.0 card maintains it superior protection and ability to provide substantially high yields of DNA then the FTA® Classic card. GenSaver 2.0 should be the card of choice for all sample collections including forensic sample collections.

Contact: James Nelson, VP Marketing

[email protected]