Exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with ITSI Bioscience LLC.

GenTegra LLC a leading company in the technology for ambient stabilization of nucleic acids, proteins, phage and other biomolecules , today announced it has signed an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with ITSI Bioscience LLC. Under the terms of the agreement, ITSI Biosciences will be the exclusive worldwide distributor for the GenTegra’s GenPlate® line of high throughput dried blood spot storage products. ITSI has been successfully marketing the GenPlate products in Africa for several years and will now expand its coverage throughout the world.

GenPlates: are an automation friendly, high density format for biobanking of blood and other biological fluids on FTA paper. The GenPlate is a high density 384-microplate format with a 6-mm disc of FTA paper in each well. FTA paper has been, for decades now, the de-facto standard for protecting DNA that is stored on paper as dried blood spots. GenPlates have been storing and protecting DNA in dried blood spots since 2006 and are protected by US and Int. Patents. GenPlates are available in several formats to best fits the storage needs of your samples and they are currently in use in biobanks, research laboratories and forensic centers worldwide.

Richard Somiari, PhD CEO of ITSI Bioscience added, “We are very excited at the opportunity to distributes GenPlates globally. The GenPlate is the leading format for high density biospecimen storage and transport. It eliminates the requirement for wet-ice, dry-ice and freezers when handling, transporting or storing blood or other body fluids collected for research. They are very easy to use and transport. A significant benefit is the elimination of cold chain management which directly translates into convenience and reduced overall cost of biospecimen acquisition and storage.”

The distribution agreement may be expanded with additional products and territories in the future. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

About GenTegra LLC
GenTegra LLC has redefined ambient temperature stabilization of nucleic acids, proteins, phage and other biomolecules through proprietary Active Chemical Protection™ that protects and preserves them in a chemical matrix. GenTegra’s Active Chemical Protection is available in several forms including individual tubes, bulk material and on Ahlstrom-Munksjö paper products trademarked as GenSaver™ cards.
More information may be found at gentegra.com.

About ITSI Bioscience, LLC
ITSI-BIOSCIENCES LLC (ITSIBIO) is a leading developer of ready-to-use kits for biomedical research and forensic applications. We also provide fast, accurate and affordable test to identify or characterize proteins and DNA. Through strategic relationships between ITSIBIO and several reputable companies, our clients may also have access to products for DNA storage at room temperature, antibodies and ELISA kits at a special price. For more information, please visit www.itsibio.com.
Contact: Richard Somiari, [email protected]