Biobanking with Less Space, Cost and Risk

Collection and storage of samples in modern biobanks is an expensive proposition. By collecting and storing whole blood or other biological samples at room temperature using GenTegra’s Active Chemical Protection technology, biobanks can eliminate the cost and potential risk of freezing, and easily implement time and cost-saving automation.

When purified DNA is protected by GenTegra-DNA it can safely be stored at ambient temperatures, valuable freezer space can be avoided. Samples that do not require freezer space save money year after year as virtually no electricity or freezer maintenance costs will ever be needed. It also delays greatly the need for additional capital expenses of purchasing additional freezers to house DNA samples.

Samples stored in common 81 or 100 tube freezer boxers are moved to microplates or 96-tube cluster racks. Gain in effective storage space can be as much a 300%. Infrastructure associated with maintaining banks of freezers is eliminated when samples are stored using GenTegra Active Chemical Protection technology.

Ambient storage of DNA on GenTegra-DNA is completely secure when the power goes out. Temperatures ranging from -80C to +70C) show no negative effects on samples stored with GenTegra Active Chemical Protection technology.

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