Field Sample Collection/Forensics

Collecting samples in remote locations can often be a challenge especially if the collection and transport requires the use of a cold chain. Paper collection cards offer a simple and convenient method of collecting samples and avoiding the hassles of cold chain requirements. GenTegra offers a card for every need whether you are collecting samples for DNA, RNA or other small molecules.

DNA Field Collection

The GenTegra GenSaver card provides superior protection for Dried Blood Spot (DBS) samples and protects DNA from elevated temperatures and oxidative damage while in storage. GenSaver cards have the same Active Chemical Protection that is provided by GenTegra-DNA. The GenSaver card supports extraction yields that are 100% higher than yields seen when using FTA® cards for DBS collection. All common card formats; 1-spot, 2-spot, 4-spot and others are available as well as custom cards.

Forensic DNA Samples

Field collection of forensic blood and other biological fluids for later DNA analysis is easily accomplished using the GenSaver 2.0 collection cards. The GenSaver 2.0 chemistry provides additional sample protection from environmental microbes, enhancing long term storage efficacy.

Protein and Small Molecule

The GenCollect card is a plain paper collection card with no added chemistry. This card is useful for small molecule identification and has no added chemistry added that might interfere with a MassSpec analysis.

RNA Field Collection

The GenProtect II RNA card supports collection of RNA in areas where a cold chain is not readily available and will protect the RNA until the sample reaches the laboratory for analysis.