Protect & Ship RNA for Better Quality Sequencing Results

RNA samples are subject to degradation from RNAses the very minute they are collected and purified. RNA degradation has a dramatic effect on the quality of sequencing data. Valuable samples shipped around the globe on dry ice are far more susceptible to RNAse damage than those shipped using GenTegra Active Chemical Protection technology.

RNA Protection

Minor amounts of RNase contamination can quickly lead to loss of the entire sample. GenTegra-RNA, with its powerful RNase inhibitor encapsulates the RNA keeping it safe and ready for sequencing.

Shipping Safely

When purified RNA samples are added to GenTegra-RNA, the RNA is completely protected during shipping to a sequencing facility. If a shipment is delayed a few days or even weeks, GenTegra-RNA eliminates the need to “re-ice”, or suffer valuable sample loss. When the sample arrives at the sequencing facility, the quality of the RNA is just as good as when it began the journey.

Cost Savings

Shipping RNA samples on dry ice is not only logistically cumbersome, but it is also expensive. GenTegra-RNA eliminates the logistical challenges and costs of shipping on dry ice. When samples arrive at the sequencing facility simply add water and the sample is ready for immediate reverse transcription and sequencing. No clean up step is needed; the RNA sequencing samples go directly into the workflow.