About Gentegra

At GenTegra our mission is to improve the quality of biological research and medical care by protecting the integrity and quality of biological samples. Any biological test, and the decisions made from the results, whether it be RNASeq samples shipped around the globe, viral samples during a worldwide pandemic, forensic samples from a crime scene, or whole blood from patient-directed sampling devices, is only as good as the stability and quality of the sample.

We work with life science researchers, IVD product manufacturers, clinical laboratories, and environmental and industrial customers to provide cost effective solutions to protecting precious samples. GenTegra’s Active Chemical Protection™ technology eliminates costly cold chain requirements when shipping or storing biological samples.

Our philosophy is to bring forth a brighter future for employees, researchers, clinical professionals, and every member of the society alike. We encourage innovation, collaboration, and self-enrichment and aim to build a coherent and strong team for the success of our organization to help shape the future of biological research and healthcare.

Gentegra LLC. supports Equal Employment Opportunities. The opportunities afforded within Gentegra LLC. are available to all applicants. Employees are evaluated on the basis of job qualification, not age, color, national ancestry/origin, race, religion, disability, genetics or gender.

To apply, send email to:  [email protected]

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