GenTegra Expands Nucleic Acid Sample Stabilization Product Portfolio to Include RNA in Fresh

GenTegra Announces the Launch of RNAdvantage™ for Stabilization of RNA in Fresh Tissue Samples Pleasanton, California – GenTegra LLC, an innovator of complete sample protection for biological research, announced today the launch of RNAdvantage, the latest addition to their suite of RNA stabilization products. With the launch of RNAdvantage, GenTegra products now stabilize and protect […]

GenTegra Launches new GenTegra RNAssure™ for immediate protection of RNA following purification

GenTegra Launches new GenTegra RNAssure™ for immediate protection of RNA following purification Pleasanton, Calif. – As soon as RNA is purified and eluted from the column or removed from the magnetic beads any trace of RNase contamination will begin to degrade the RNA. GenTegra RNAssure is designed to replace the final collection tube in either […]

GenTegra Launches new Ahlstrom GenSaver™ 2.0 Forensic card

Forensic customers were asking for a GenSaver card that provided a stronger antimicrobial property to better ensure the long-term satiability of their DBS samples. This desire and request is the basis of the GenSaver 2.0 card which is the GenSaver 1.0 card with the addition of a specific antimicrobial to the GenTegra-DNA chemistry on the […]

GenProtect RNA beta launch

GenProtect RNA is the only collection card design specifically with collection of RNA as its express function. GenProtect is a combination of laboratory grade Ahlstrom paper treated with GenTegra-RNA to provide protection. There has been a long-standing need for a way to collect RNA samples in remote areas where providing a cold chain to protect the RNA as it is sent to the analysis lab is extremely difficult, very expensive or both. The version 1 beta release of GenProtect can protect RNA at ambient temperatures (-80C to +70C) for a week while it is shipped back to the lab. The active chemical protection added to the paper is the same chemistry available in GenTegra-RNA only it has been applied to the paper matrix. Beta samples have been made available as work is underway on version 2 GenProtect which will extend the RN stability to a month of more. Small quantities of the GenProtect card may be obtained by contacting GenTegra.

Contact: James Nelson, VP Marketing

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