GenTegra-DNA protection is near perfect.

  • At the extremes of temperature (-80°C to +72°C) during shipment and storage
  • At protecting DNA for >30 years at ambient temperature based on accelerated studies
  • For protecting DNA against high temperatures during shipment
  • Protecting DNA without humidity controls
  • After multiple cycles of reconstitution

GenTegra-DNA is not hydroscopic and will not absorb water

GenTegra-DNA products have a shelf life of greater than 3-years stored at room temperatures

GenTegra-DNA is available in multiple packaging formats:

  • 100/0.5ml screw cap tubes
  • 96 well microplate or 96-tube rack format for automated applications
  • Bulk format with sufficient quantity for 100 samples

Evaluation kits of three tubes are available. Call or email for details.

For more information, pricing or a quote see this page