Preliminary consultation guide

Please provide a brief summary of what you are hoping to achieve by implementing active chemical protection as part of you Biopreservation efforts. (risk reduction, cost savings, space saving, etc)

Brief summary

What do you see as your main hurdles in adopting active chemical protection? (staffing, budget, space, concerns about the technology, etc)

What cost per sample is your expectation?
Are there any other constraints upon adoption besides price?

The Present:

How many freezers do you currently have?
How soon do you expect to buy another?

What is the makeup of stored samples at this time (indicate approximate number of each)?
Purified RNA

How many sample do you expect next year?

Is your DNA purification automated? yesno

If yes, at what level?

Do you expect the sample type to change?yesno

Newer samples tend to be requested from an archive more often, does this apply to your facility? yesno

Does the requestor pay for shipping? yesno

For what period of time do your “newer" samples get routinely requested from your facility?

Do you require or desire a barcode for each sample archived? yesno

The Future:

What type of sample(s) do you expect to see more often in the future?

Is your facility planning to provide purification services for the DNA and RNA samples?yesno

Is your facility planning to offer sequencing services or associated with a sequencing core? yesno

The Past:

When was the last time you had an electrical power failure?

How long did it last?

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