Safely store blood, buffy coat & plasma at room temperature

GenPlates are an automation friendly 398 well format for storing raw blood, buffy coat, saliva and other fluid biospecimens at room temperature for later extraction of high quality dsDNA.

GenPlates®: are an automation friendly, high density format for biobanking of blood and other biological fluids on FTA paper. The GenPlate is a high density 384-microplate format with a 6-mm disc of FTA paper in each well. FTA paper has been, for decades now, the de-facto standard for protecting DNA that is stored on paper as dried blood spots. GenPlates have been storing and protecting DNA in dried blood spots since 2006, and are protected by US and Int. Patents. GenPlates are available in several formats to best fits the storage needs of your samples.

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Our most popular GenPlate format is the 24 region GenPlate that stores blood spots from 24 subjects and each subject has 4 replicates stored on the GenPlate. All current sequencing technologies can now do deep whole genome sequencing on the DNA extracted from on 6 mm disc. And all the extra DNA is often put onto GenTegra-DNA to preserve it for later use as need. The four replicates ensure that another sample is always available when needed.

Dried blood spots on FTA paper require storage in a humidity controlled environment to ensure the samples are properly protected from future contamination. GenTegra also supplies cabinets and archives that provide active humidity control for the storage of GenPlates. Each GenPlate has a unique barcode on it and the Personal Archive offers a storage cabinet that provides a unique 2D barcode for each and every storage location within the archive.

For additional information please download the GenPlate User Guide from the Library page.