Archives to Safely & Efficiently store samples

GenTegra Archives hold a wide variety of standard laboratory storage media and offer convenience, organization and low-cost sample storage

The GenStore Archive is a high capacity moderate cost storage cabinet that can be tailored to the storage needs of the laboratory. Design primarily for the storage of GenTegra-DNA and GenTegra-RNA protected samples the GenStore cabinet does not require humidity control and has a capacity for 115,200 discrete samples in standard 96-well microplate format.

When storing GenPlates the GenStore Archive requires the optional active dehumidifier to keep the GenPlate samples dry and stable. The GenStore Archive has the capacity to store 2,220 GenPlates.

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The Personal Archive is an efficient high-density method for storing hundreds of thousands of biosamples dried on GenPlates. In about 9.5 square feet of floor space over 2,400 GenPlates can be easily stored and just as easily retrieved. Depending upon the configuration of the GenPlate used as many as 172,800 discrete sample aliquots can be archived. The personal archive is well suited for organizations that collect a relatively large number of dried blood spot samples for their personal research efforts. Each Personal archive comes equip with a 2D barcode hand scanner and an active dehumidifier to keep the GenPlates dry and stable. Each drawer of the Personal archive locks to keep samples secure.

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