Safely store and ship purified DNA

GenTegra-DNA is a water soluble chemical matrix that when added to purified DNA allows it to be air-dried to form a solid matrix which coats, preserves and protects DNA in the dry state at ambient temperatures. The protection is near perfect at the extremes of temperature (-80°C to +56°C) for many years. GenTegra-DNA is especially valuable and effective at protecting against the high temperatures likely to be encountered when shipping samples. Studies prove conclusively that GenTegra-DNA protects DNA better than storage at -20°C or -80°C and you save valuable freezer space. GenTegra-DNA has been protecting DNA samples since 2009 and is protected by an awarded US Patent. All GenTegra-DNA products have an expected shelf life of greater than 3-years at ambient temperatures. Accelerated temperature time studies show protection equivalent to >20 years. GenTegra-DNA has been protecting DNA since 2008 and is protected by an awarded US Patent. No need for a desiccant, ice or dry ice when shipping. And because of the stability at ambient temperatures it simply does not matter if the sample is delayed in shipment, it will still arrive perfectly intact and ready to use.

Once the purified DNA has been combined with the GenTegra-DNA matrix and dried it is stable and protected. And once dried it stays dry because it is not hydroscopic and will not take up water. Long term archiving of the DNA sample does not require either humidity control or desiccant to keep the DNA safe.

All GenTegra-DNA products have a shelf life of 3-years at ambient temperatures.

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The most convenient product format for the small laboratory is the 100, 0.5 ml screw cap tube package. GTD2100-S which is delivered in four sealed envelopes of 25 tubes each. This format is perfect for shipping samples between laboratories and for storing small numbers of DNA samples for later use.

When the number of samples begins to reach a level where automation might be being considered then GenTegra-DNA in a 96-well microplate or a 96-tube rack may be a better fit to need. GTD4001-P and GTD1001 are both formats that match the standard 96 well microplate design and make handling larger numbers of samples easier. At this point it may also be reasonable to consider using the GTD100-B which is our bulk format that makes enough solution to add to 100 samples of DNA in any tube format you may be using.

If you would like to evaluate GenTegra-DNA in your laboratory, simply request a three-tube evaluation kit GTD2003-S and we are happy to provide it at no charge. We do ask you to pay the shipping costs.

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Large usage of GenTegra means automation and product formats that support the automation requirements. This means ten packs of GenTegra microplates GTD4010-P or ten packs of 2D 96-tube racks GTD1010-BC. Both these formats lend well to the automation of purification and adding GenTegra-DNA, 96 samples at a time. Laboratories that are automated may also want to simply add the GenTegra-DNA directly as part of their existing automation. This is support by our large volume bulk products that makes solutions ready to treat 2000 or 4000 samples a week both easy and economical.

Biobanking has begun to stabilize on the use of 2D barcode tubes to provide absolutely positive identification of each and every samples. GenTegra-DNA can be provided in the 2D barcode tube format with each tube already containing GenTegra-DNA or we can supply the GenTegra-DNA in the large bulk format and the automation system adds the GenTegra-DNA to the 2D barcoded tubes at the appropriate step in the automate process.

If you are considering the use of GenTegra-DNA in an existing automated protocol, contact use for assistance in making the addition of GenTegra-DNA both quick and simple. Pricing is such the GenTegra-DNA when used by a biobank to replace freezer storage the long-term cost saving are significant and ambient storage reduces storage space requirements for 30% to 300% depending upon the operation of the biobank. GenTegra offers a free consultation for any biobank or large use laboratory that wishes to investigate the cost and space saving of using GenTegra-DNA for the long term protect of their purified DNA samples.

For additional information please download the GenTegra-DNA User Guide on the Library page.