OEM products and Custom formulations

GenTegra is ready to provide private label versions of our protective technologies to companies that need a better and cheaper alternative to shipping temperature sensitive samples on dry ice or wet ice.

If shipping samples or products on dry ice is causing you both high costs and lost samples due to shipping delays GenTegra may be able to help. We are available to provide our technology, such as GenTegra-RNA in either a private label OEM or our GenTegra-INSIDE co-branding products.

Contact us at info@gentegra.com and we will happily work with you to solve your stability issues.

GenTegra has technologies for stabilizing biological molecules other than nucleic acids and is ready to discuss how we might provide you with a solution to any instability problem you might have.

Contact us at info@gentegra.com to see if we have a in-house technology to solve your stability issue.