Active Chemical Protection Technology

GenTegra holds numerous patents for its Active Chemical Protection™ (ACP™) formulations. ACP comprises a proprietary matrix of chemicals that keep biomolecules, especially DNA and RNA, stable in a dry ambient state by coating the biomolecules with a protective layer. As the biomolecules are exposed to damaging conditions outside their biological micro-environments the coating provides a high degree of protection. GenTegra’s technology enables these biological macromolecules to maintain their native structure and remain functionally active. ACP is available in multiple formulas and formats to protect biomolecules in a variety of applications and has been validated in numerous SBIR and DARPA grants.

GenTegra’s Proprietary ACP Coating Protects Biomolecules Ensuring High Quality Samples and More Accurate Analytical Results

Purified and unprotected DNA

Active Chemical Protection

ACP Protected DNA

  • GenTegra ACP protects biomolecules, e.g. DNA & RNA, from exposure to the environment heat, oxygen), nucleases, and proteases, which can damage and degrade the biomolecules.
  • The GenTegra ACP coating action acts as a shield against all forms of degradation and denaturization, which keeps the biomolecules stable and protected.
  • ACP is available in multiple formulas and formats (simple chemical matrix, on different carrier matrix like paper and others) to protect biomolecules, in a wide variety of applications.


Better RNAseq results

GenTegra’s Active Chemical Protection formulation provides unparalleled stability and shielding of purified RNA samples from degradation. GenTegra RNA keeps RNA stable during shipping without dry ice. Ambient shipping reduces the risk of sample loss, improves the quality of RNAseq results, and reduces overall costs.

Patient Centric Sampling

The evolution taking place in micro-sample blood collection devices is driving the creation of an entirely new paradigm in patient-centered medicine. Improved patient compliance and convenience are some of the many benefits of these new devices. GenTegra’s Active Chemical Protection technology will play a critical role to ensure the quality of samples collected and analyzed for routine clinical care and pharmaceutical clinical trials.

Coroner & Forensic Field Samples

Remote field-based collection and shipment of samples to the laboratory presents unique challenges. GenTegra’s suite of field collection card products, utilizing Active Chemical Protection technology protect DNA, RNA and small molecule samples from the hazards of environmental degradation during shipment or long-term storage.


GenTegra dry ambient storage technology vs. traditional freezer storage represents significant savings in cost savings, space efficiency, and lower risk of sample loss.

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