Active Chemical Protection for RNA, DNA and Proteins at room temperature

GenTegra products protect nucleic acids while stored at ambient temperatures. Called Active Chemical Protection™ our patented chemical matrix provides protection against environmental damage that might destroy DNA and RNA. Our goal is to take the environment out of your concern when shipping or storing your samples. We also provide custom formulations for protecting a wide variety of biological molecules as well as OEM versions of our products that can enhance our partners product offerings while better serving their customers. Co-branding via our GenTegra-INSIDE or private labeling is also available.

Protection for Shipping RNA

RNA in GenTegra-RNA has protection from RNase damage and is ready for safe and secure shipping at ambient temperatures to a sequencing facility.

Protect & Archive DNA

Ambient storage of purified DNA using GenTegra-DNA leads to space and cost savings while at the same time reducing your risk of sample loss.

DNA, RNA and Protein
Sample Collection Cards

Sample collection cards offer a simple, convenient and low-cost option for collecting field samples and avoiding the difficulties and expense of a cold chain.

Forensic Sample Collection Cards

GenTegra offers a unique line of collection cards designed for use in forensic sample collection. These GenSaver™ 2.0 forensic sample collection cards provide additional protection against microbial contamination in collected samples.

Extracting DNA from Dried Blood Spot (DBS) cards

GenSolve DNA COMPLETE extraction kits purify more and better-quality DNA from Dry Blood Spots, DBS.

Automation friendly DBS collection

GenPlates are an automation friendly 398 well format for storing raw blood, buffy coat, saliva and other fluid biospecimens.

Biobanking at room temperature

Using GenTegra-DNA ambient Active Chemical Protection™ technology, saves a at least 30% of your space requirements, and depending upon the tube format used, as much as 300% reduction in space usage.

OEM and Custom formulations

GenTegra is ready to provide private branded versions of our protective technologies to companies that need a better and more cost-effective alternative to shipping samples on dry ice or wet ice.