Sample Protection and Storage

GenTegra-developed products include sample collection devices for a wide variety of applications including COVID-19 diagnostic testing, RNASeq for genomics and transcriptomics, DNA for forensic analysis from crime scenes, or whole blood for dried blood spot analysis and storage.  Sample stability enabled by GenTegra devices have a significant impact on outcomes and decisions in clinical, research and other applications. All products include Gentegra’s novel Active Chemical Protection™ (ACP) formulation which is designed to protect biological samples from degradation beginning at the point of collection through analysis and allows for storage at room temperature.

Dry Media Saliva Collection Devices

GenTegra introduces two products for saliva collection and viral RNA stabilization.  GTR-STM™ and GTR-STMdk™ (Direct to PCR). Both products contain GenTegra’s novel Active Chemical Protection™ formula, a proprietary dried media that results in non-dilutive RNA stabilization.  The saliva devices enhance patient comfort, convenience and compliance.

*Limited to CLIA certified laboratories seeking to validate the use of GTR-STM with in-house high-complexity using a SARS-CoV-2 molecular or antigen diagnostic assay.

GenTegra Nucleic Acid Stabilization Products

GenTegra Nucleic Acid stabilization products provide unparalleled protection of purified RNA and DNA, eliminating the need for cold chain shipment and storage.

GenTegra Collection Cards

GenTegra GenSaver™ Sample Collection Cards are ideal for field sample collection in areas where cold chain is unavailable, unreliable, or cost prohibitive.

GenTegra GenSolve Classic DNA Extraction and GenSolve DNA COMPLETE Purification Kits

GenTegra’s GenSolve™ DNA extraction and purification kits for dried blood spots, DBS, have proven to yield higher quantity and quality DNA from DBS when compared to other commercially available kits.

GenPlates® High Throughput Dried Blood Spot Archival System

GenTegra GenPlates are formatted to facilitate automation of DNA storage and retrieval from dried blood spots and other biological fluids.

GenTegra Archival Systems

GenTegra Archives hold a wide variety of standard laboratory storage media and offer convenience, organization and low-cost sample storage.

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