For the many scientists engaged in expression analysis using RNA-seq, microarrays or qPCR, shipping samples can be a logistical and costly problem when the analysis is performed remotely at a core lab, commercial service provider or when samples are collected from multiple different sites.

Due to the labile nature of RNA, shipping samples on dry ice has become commonplace but can be expensive, inconvenient and is accompanied by the risk of loss or damage to samples in the event of shipping delays. GenTegraRNA is a complete solution for ambient shipping RNA which eliminates the need for dry ice, Styrofoam packaging and overnight shipping.

Eliminate the risk of loss for precious samples

Delays in transport of dry ice packages during transit or at the receiving dock present the risk of loss of precious samples through sublimation of dry ice and loss of temperature control. GenTegraRNA stabilized RNA samples will be unaffected when shipping conditions result in elevated temperatures of up to 70oC. We cannot guarantee your chosen shipping method will be free from delays, but we can guarantee you peace of mind that if it happens, your samples will be safe and protected.

Save on Shipping Costs

Samples can be safely shipped using standard Ground transportation at a fraction of the cost of shipping overnight on dry ice.

FedEx prices, interstate shipping average

Overnight (delivery by 10:30am next day) 7lb dry ice                       $220.00

Ground 6-day deliver, 1lb ambient package                                        $20.00

Save Packaging Costs and the Environment

GenTegraRNA tubes have no special packaging requirements so you can eliminate the dry ice and Styrofoam packing. It could save you up ~$200 per shipment and will be friendlier to the environment.

Illumina Expression Profiling with RNA Recovered from GenTegraRNA

Successful expression profiling of RNA using Illumina HT-12 Expression Beadchips replicate RNA samples purified from HeLa cells (20 µg) were stored in the dry state for two weeks at 25°C with GenTegraRNA and compared with a control stored at -80°C.

GenTegraRNA is compatible for use with RNA-seq(1), microarray or qPCR analysis methods.

  1. Johnson, Marc TJ et al. (2012) Evaluating Methods for Isolating Total RNA and Predicting the Success of Sequencing Phylogenetically Diverse Plant Transcriptomes. PLOS 7(11): 2-12

Simple workflow suitable for all labs

Please contact us if your core or service lab requires advice or further information to adjust their operating procedures to receive GenTegraRNA samples.

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