GenProtect RNA beta launch

GenProtect RNA is the only collection card design specifically with collection of RNA as its express function. GenProtect is a combination of laboratory grade Ahlstrom paper treated with GenTegra-RNA to provide protection. There has been a long-standing need for a way to collect RNA samples in remote areas where providing a cold chain to protect the RNA as it is sent to the analysis lab is extremely difficult, very expensive or both. The version 1 beta release of GenProtect can protect RNA at ambient temperatures (-80C to +70C) for a week while it is shipped back to the lab. The active chemical protection added to the paper is the same chemistry available in GenTegra-RNA only it has been applied to the paper matrix. Beta samples have been made available as work is underway on version 2 GenProtect which will extend the RN stability to a month of more. Small quantities of the GenProtect card may be obtained by contacting GenTegra.

Contact: James Nelson, VP Marketing

[email protected]